Get to know me.

Hi, I'm Tommy, a photographer located in Vancouver, BC. Let me tell you why I do what I do. I believe life's greatest moments should be documented. My passion has been dedicated to capturing photos that last a lifetime. These photos will get passed on from generation to generation because of countless hours that I have invested in education and practice. This makes me the ideal candidate to photograph your incredible wedding .
The photos that I want for you are the ones that will be shared with loved ones. I know these photographs will become family heirlooms to not only document how you look, but how you felt. The images I create well tell stories as emotionally lit pieces of art. Creating carefully-crafted narratives that document life's greatest moments. As a kind compassionate photographer.

I'm the wedding photographer that you can count on like family. My priority will always be the couple’s well-being, I will never bring any extra stress to the couples themselves because I understand how hectic a wedding can be. My commitment is to never compromise and allow you to be yourselves. I want to be able to capture you at your best, make you look breathtaking. I fell in love with creating beautifully posed candid moments that will remind you how you fell in love in the first place. For me to be a part of your weddings means the world to me! My final promise is to be the kindest photographer you will ever meet!!!

Thanks! Tommy, let talk about your big day and how I can serve you better then anyone else!

Let's celebrate your love.

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