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Hi, I'm Tommy, a photographer located in the Metro Vancouver area. I've always been passionate about taking photos ever since I bought my first cellphone with a camera. When I purchased my first point and shoot camera 10 years ago, my interest for photography developed even more. Wherever I went, my camera went. That is because I wanted to capture all of life's forgettable moments and make it memorable. Somehow I ended up becoming the photographer for my loved ones. It is truly rewarding to be able to capture incredible moments and to be able to share with the people I care about the most. The spark of joy that the photos were able to create meant so much to me and gave me a sense of fulfillment unlike no other!

I decided to invest more heavily into this profession when I wanted to help my wife take better pictures of her cakes for her bakery. I never thought that this one decision could change my life forever. It ignited an unrelentless goal to be the best photographer I could be! For me to succeed, that meant I had to get educated and spend countless hours researching photography. But with all that research I did, it could only take me so far. I had to get more experience as a photographer to understand more, so I started to shoot things other than food. 

Shortly after, my wife and I decided to get a dog named Chestnut. A whole new set of problems arose when I started taking photos of Chestnut and her friends at the dog park. Understanding how to take photos of quick moving subjects and with natural light made things more complicated than I understood at that time. I took it as a challenge, and I wanted to be able to capture unforgettable cute moments of pets! Everyone was blown away by how amazing the photos turned out when I began sharing them, that some of them had even used these photos as the background picture for their phone. It gave me an incredible sense of fulfillment that the photo I took could mean so much to someone.

The next step forward was volunteering to photograph my first engagement shoot for a close friend of mine. It took me by surprise. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, having to pose people and make them feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time was definitely challenging since I hadn’t had much experience with that before. I knew how to use my camera, but I didn't understand how to evoke emotion and storytell. I didn't know that photography could be as complex as it was.

In no time at all I shot my first wedding. This was definitely the most challenging and the most uncomfortable thing I have done in my life. Weddings are unpredictable and fast-paced; always be prepared for the unexpected. You only get one chance to photograph split second moments that last a lifetime, there are no do overs. The responsibility of being in charge of photographing someone’s wedding is something I do not take lightly. One of my main strengths I have over others is that I'm used to being in uncomfortable situations because I enjoy seeking discomfort. I truly believe you grow the most in life when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. To further my craft, I started researching for more formal education about wedding photography and learned that there is so much more to wedding photography than just taking great photos. 

I want to be the wedding photographer that you can count on. My priority is the couple’s well-being, I will never bring any extra stress to the couples themselves because I understand how hectic a wedding can be. My commitment is to never compromise and allow you to be yourselves. I want to be able to capture you at your best, make you look breathtaking, and tell you the tale of your greatest love story. I fell in love with capturing candid moments of people and my photos will remind you how you fell in love in the first place. For me to be a part of any of your celebrations means the world to me! And my final promise is to be the kindest photographer you will ever meet!!!

Let's celebrate your love.

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