Hello everyone, it's Tommy here. Today, I'm excited to share with you a beautiful love story that I had the privilege of capturing. It's the story of Miriam and Rob's wedding, a celebration that took place in the heart of nature, at the Salish designated space in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The day was as beautiful as the couple themselves. The outdoor setting was adorned with nature's grandeur, providing a breathtaking backdrop for their vows. You could feel the love that radiated from the couple and the warmth that flowed from the gathering of their loved ones. It was a testament to the incredible bond that Miriam and Rob share, and the immense affection that their friends and family hold for them.

Photographing Miriam and Rob on their special day was an honor - capturing their smiles, their glances, their joyous moments. It reminded me of the great truth that no matter where we are in life, there's always an opportunity to find love. And being able to immortalize these moments is something that I hold close to my heart.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Pacific Spirit Regional Park for the bridal and groom portraits. The tall, majestic trees served as a magnificent canvas, and the setting sun painted a picture of golden light around the couple. Working with Miriam and Rob was a breeze, their love for each other shining through in every frame, making my job as a photographer an absolute delight.

The reception was held at the couple’s warm and inviting home in Vancouver. As the sun set, casting a beautiful glow over the celebration, the air was filled with laughter, tears, and heartwarming stories about Miriam and Rob. The love that surrounded them was palpable. It was a day filled with beautiful moments, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

Being a wedding photographer, I get to witness and capture these magical moments. It’s not just about taking photos, but about creating art that will immortalize these precious memories. I'm passionate about making people feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, and the result is stunning photos that are creatively lit, romantically posed, and emotionally candid.

I wish Miriam and Rob the very best in their journey together, and I'm grateful to have been a part of their celebration of love. If you are planning your big day and want to ensure that your memories are captured in a beautiful and artistic way, let's chat. I would love to help show the world the best versions of your love story!

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