Full day wedding experience
Full day wedding experience
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Starting at $2900 CAD
What's Included

The 10-Hour Wedding Photography Package - From Dawn Till Dusk: 

Single-Day Weddings: Ideal if your wedding is a one-day affair but you want to ensure none of the key moments slip through the cracks.

Balanced Approach: It’s about capturing the day’s flow from preparations to the party.

Flexibility: Offers enough time to photograph everything from getting ready to the first dance making sure every part of your wedding is covered.

Included Highlights:

Engagement Session: A warm welcome, to the experience of being photographed where your authentic selves are beautifully captured in every picture.

21-Day Turnaround: Swiftly brings your wedding day back to life through beautifully edited images, allowing you to share and relive your cherished moments promptly.

Timeline Planning & Step-by-Step Guidance: Offers not just photography but a guided experience, ensuring that the day flows smoothly and every photo opportunity is maximized.

Why the Right Package Matters

Choosing a package: It’s not just about how many hours you want the photographer around. It’s about matching the photography coverage to the type of wedding you’re planning and ensuring it aligns with what you value most about your big day.

What you’re really getting: Beyond the photos, it's about hiring someone who gets what you need, offers guidance when the big day feels overwhelming, and ensures that looking back on your wedding photos feels like reliving the day all over again.

Package Description

From Dawn Till Dusk:

Our package for 10 hours ensures that we capture every moment of your day in a thorough and heartfelt manner. Ideal for events held at one location this choice combines professionalism with a passion, for preserving the emotions and important moments of your celebration.

What to Expect

Tommy showed up just before 11 AM to start taking photos of our wedding party getting ready, and stayed with us until 9 PM when he left the reception after taking literally HUNDREDS of pictures. The effort he puts into his work is impossible to miss - his photography of the ceremony was top-notch, and then he took plenty of great pictures of everyone at the reception, in so many different combinations of people!

Maybe the biggest testament to his skill is that, with those hundreds of pictures, practically every one of them looks fantastic. Most photographers "hit" on 20-30% of their photos if they're good - Tommy's success rate is more like 90-95%! All of my wedding party and guests have universally raved about the photos on seeing them, even the ones who are usually very self-critical about how they look on photos!

I couldn't recommend him more highly 😊

Trevor & Miriam

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Starting at $2900 CAD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $2900 CAD

capturing authentic moments & memorable celebrations.

Vancouver, BC Wedding Photographer
Hi, I'm Tommy!

I love making people look their best with kind direction and genuine care. Seeing the joy on faces when they see their photos means world to me! My journey began as a tattoo artist, but photography is my true passion. I connect with people through real conversations and understanding their stories. I’ll guide you every step of the way, making sure you feel confident and natural! If you love food, traveling or just enjoy life's little moments you're my kind of person. Celebrating and documenting these moments is what I do best. Life's too short and moments like this are too good to miss. Reach out and let's chat about how I can help you capture your unique story!

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