Half day wedding experience
Half day wedding experience
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Starting at $1900 CAD
What's Included

The 5-Hour Wedding Photography Package - Focus On What Matters Most

Intimate Gatherings: If you’re planning a smaller, more personal ceremony or an elopement, this package ensures the key moments are captured beautifully without overwhelming the event.

Quality over Quantity: Emphasizes capturing the day’s most meaningful parts with attention to detail, ensuring the final photos are nothing short of stunning.

Budget Awareness: A great option for those mindful of their photography budget but unwilling to compromise on the quality and storytelling of their wedding photos.

Included Highlights:

Engagement Session: A warm welcome, to the experience of being photographed where your authentic selves are beautifully captured in every picture.

21-Day Turnaround: Swiftly brings your wedding day back to life through beautifully edited images, allowing you to share and relive your cherished moments promptly.

5-Star Customer Service & Timeline Planning: Even with shorter coverage, the commitment to exceptional service and meticulous planning remains steadfast, ensuring that your wedding day is documented beautifully and efficiently.

Why the Right Package Matters

Choosing a package: It’s not just about how many hours you want the photographer around. It’s about matching the photography coverage to the type of wedding you’re planning and ensuring it aligns with what you value most about your big day.

What you’re really getting: Beyond the photos, it's about hiring someone who gets what you need, offers guidance when the big day feels overwhelming, and ensures that looking back on your wedding photos feels like reliving the day all over again.

Package Description

Focus On What Matters Most:

Our 5 hour package is perfect for weddings, designed to capture the intimate moments and special highlights of your big day. It's a choice, for couples looking for detailed coverage of their ceremony and important memories.

What to Expect

Tommy is fantastic! I highly recommend booking Tommy for a lifestyle shoot, for portraits or an event. He is very kind and courteous, and explains how you should pose to get the most out of the picture. Also, candid shots of memorable moments were taken without even feeling like Tommy was interfering. We booked him for our wedding and every part of the experience was positive and professional; from the initial inquiry up to receiving images. He took such extraordinary pictures in Pacific Spirit Park during our ceremony, beautiful portraits and fun photos from our reception. We cannot emphasize enough how happy we were to have booked Tommy. Having him as our photographer was a five star experience!!!

Miriam & Rob

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Starting at $1900 CAD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $1900 CAD


Hi, I'm Tommy
Crafting stories of authentic emotion with compassion, through beautifully lit wedding photography.

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, my aim is simple; to create an unforgettable experience for you while capturing the essence of your love story. It's more than just snapping photos; it's about preserving the emotions, the soft whispers and the hearty laughter that define your unique journey together. Leveraging my skills in composition and keen eye for detail, I strive to make you feel at ease and authentic, ensuring that each shot captures your true essence. For me, it's all about ensuring our time together is enjoyable and memorable. It goes beyond just clicking pictures; it's about offering an experience where you feel valued, understood and comfortable enough to let your genuine selves shine through. I'm here to lead you, support you and rejoice with you every step of the way. Let's create some magic together. With me by your side, you're not just hiring a photographer; you're gaining a collaborator committed to making your session lively, relaxed and genuinely reflective of your unique love story. It's all about capturing moments that will be cherished when looked back upon, moments that were just as delightful to capture as they are to reminisce about.

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